First Event in IFIP 60th Anniversary: The Silent Revolution - 30 augustus

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First Event in IFIP 60th Anniversary: The Silent Revolution - 30 augustus

IFIP bestaat 60 jaar! Een mooie gelegenheid om de variëteit aan werkzaamheden van IFIP over het voetlicht te brengen en events te organiseren, zoals die van 30 augustus.

19 augustus 2021

The IFIP 60th Anniversary Future of Information Processing Event Series is kicking off on 30 August, 3-4.15 pm CET with the event “The Silent Revolution: Software as the Technological Fabric of Society”.

The first event, organized by members of WG 2.1 and WG 2.8, will highlight the historical and increasingly important role software—and in this process IFIP—has played as a critical infrastructure for modern society, including the generally underappreciated role fundamental software theory and practice has played in making this possible ‘under the hood.

>> Aanmelden kan via deze link (is inmiddels gesloten)

The event will feature: 
• Greg Morrisett (Cornell Tech)
• Julia Lawall (INRIA, secretary of TC2)
• Jakob Rehof (TU Dortmund and Fraunhofer ISST)
• Reinhard Wilhelm (Universität des Saarlandes and AbsInt) 
and will be moderated by 
• Fritz Henglein (University of  Copenhagen and Deon Digital).

About the session:
Software has been at the center of a silent revolution: from an ancillary role to computer hardware, it has emerged as the technological fabric of a globally interconnected society. This has been fueled by generally unnoticed, yet visionary under-the-hood advances in software theory and practice at academic and industrial institutions, fostered by IFIP’s provision of long-term technical fora. In this session thought leaders from academia and industry will discuss the role and impact of principled design, methodology and implementation of high-level programming languages in this silent revolution. They will reflect not only on the increasingly severe demands on software safety, security and productivity in today’s systems, but also on advancing languages and their algorithmic calculi, formal verification, automated analysis and synthesis as under-the-hood facilitators of tomorrow’s artificially intelligent, data-driven, robotic, interconnected-device-based, decentralized and parallel systems.

About the Future of Information Processing Event Series
The Event Series consists of ten events in total, featuring IFIP experts and high-level guests discussing questions arising at the intersection of technology and the information society. The events be online panels of 75 minutes each consisting of short speeches, a moderated discussion and a Q&A with the audience. Recordings of the events will be made available on YouTube. Information and registration links for the following events will be available shortly on the IFIP 60th Jubilee Web Site.

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