Nu aan de slag met digitale skills

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Nu aan de slag met digitale skills

Nu aan de slag met digitale skills: Position paper van CEPIS. Het is nodig dat binnen Europa meer wordt ingezet op digitale skills!

7 mei 2020

The CEPIS Digital Skills Policy (DSP) working group has produced a position paper, entitled “The European Union must act immediately to improve the level of digital skills”. The paper expresses concern about the slow progress of increasing digital skills in Europe’s population, particularly for children, older people, non-IT professionals, and the workforce. To improve the situation, the paper recommends several actions:

- Creating a Digital Skills Improvement programme at European level;

- Allocating appropriate funding to different policy targets (workforce, students, inclusion, advanced skills);

- Setting implementation goals in the Member States;

- Consistently measuring the improvement progress.

This paper can be found here

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