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2e event IFIP 60 jaar: Digital Twin for Cyber-physical Production Systems - 13 september 2021

Vier je mee? IFIP bestaat 60 jaar! Een mooie gelegenheid voor IFIP om de variƫteit aan werkzaamheden van IFIP over het voetlicht te brengen en interessante events voor jou en anderen te organiseren, zoals die op maandag 13 september.

7 september 2021

Digital Twin for Cyber-physical Production Systems
13 September 14.00-15.15 CEST

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are one of the pillars for the new industrial revolution, which is marked by the decentralization of production processes as well as the proliferation of interconnected intelligent devices throughout the production and logistics chain. Embedded computers and networks monitor and control the physical processes with feedback loops in which physical processes affect computations and vice versa. An industrial automation system is an example of CPS where computational elements control and automate the execution of physical processes in industrial plants. Thus, it is clear the need to connect physical objects to information associated with these objects in the cyber world. In CPS, for each product, machine or equipment, a virtual (logical) representation needs to be developed with its actual physical description. This process is known as virtualization and its product, the digital twin, is one of the consequences of Industry 4.0.

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