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Librarians and related information professionals collect, select, develop, organize and maintain library collections and other information repositories; organize and control other library services and provide information for users. Tasks include – (a) organizing, developing and maintaining a systematic collection of books, periodicals and other printed, audiovisually and digitally recorded material; (b) selecting and recommending acquisitions of books and other printed or audiovisually and digitally recorded material; (c) organizing, classifying and cataloguing library material; (d) managing library borrowing and interlibrary loan facilities and information networks; (e) retrieving material and providing information to business and other users based on the collection itself or on library and information-network systems; (f) conducting research and analysing or modifying library and information services in accordance with changes in users’ needs; (g) devising and implementing schemes and conceptual models for the storage, organization, classification and retrieval of information; (h) preparing scholarly papers and reports; (i) performing manual, online and interactive media reference searches, making interlibrary loans and performing other functions to assist users in accessing library materials.


Samenvatting Digitalisering en Grondrechten Rondetafelsessie 20171102

Informatieprofessional 3.0: waar sta jij in 2022?

AG-Connect – juni 2017

Vakblad voor IT-Professionals

OD – juli-augustus 2017


IP – 2017|05

Vakblad voor InformatieProfessionals
Wichor Bramer
Wichor Bramer - Literatuuronderzoeker voor systematic reviews. Promoveert op efficiëntie in zoeken voor systematic reviews
Guus van den Brekel
Guus van den Brekel - Medisch Informatiespecialist en coördinator Electronische Services; docent; denktankdeelnemer; spreker
Simone Visser
Simone Visser - Informatiespecialist
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